Sure. Why not?

This is Phil – the Pill – updating from one of the meeting rooms at the office.

(It’s weird, it’s “the office” when it’s the whole part of the building your company owns, but it’s never “my office.” “My office” would imply I have my own personal space to make these calls or whatever, but I can’t say that. Somedays, the whole place feels like my office. I’d like to have an office that was literally the whole thing, I guess).

First things first, I still hate Twitter.

I hate Twitter and what it’s done to itself. I hate politics on Twitter. I hate concern trolling on Twitter. I hate hand-wringing on Twitter. I hate Twitter.

And yet, inevitably, I’ll have to go back to it. I sunk too much time into learning how it works to just completely unplug. But I hope I never, never get as emotionally invested in it as I’ve been in the past.

Second…oil companies.

That is all.


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