In the Face of Water Cannons

As I write this, I’ve set TweetDeck to deliver tweets regarding the Standing Rock / #NoDAPL protests. I did this in response to reports that protesters were being water cannoned in sub-freezing temperatures.

And that’s probably the most important thing going on right now. But a lot’s happened since the last time I wrote here, hasn’t it?

Here’s a podcast to listen to on Monday.


The On the Media episode discusses how Steve Bannon – who went to Virginia Tech – orchestrated Trump’s campaign and helped bring together the so-called “meninists,” white nationalists, GamerGaters, 4chan trolls, and InfoWars-brigade to give the demagogue a coalition which broke liberals’ conventional wisdom.

I was listening to it driving from Fairfax to pick up a desk from my old place and install it into my new Reston place.

On the Media is probably one of the most important podcasts to listen to right now, I believe.


My tendency when I open up this WordPress is to be dramatic. I feel like some of my micro-writings on the Internet have gained some perspective, but the way I’ve used WordPress or any other explicit blogging platform over the past – what, 14 years? – has conditioned me to try to burrow deep within my fears and my regrets.

But that’s not who I want to put out there and that makes me associate writing and introspection with being miserable.

I’m 28. I first started really putting my feelings on the Internet when I was 15. Four years ago I told myself I would try to fight to change – well – everything, but that was before truly appreciating the toll simply  surviving can take on all of us.

So my time’s up. I didn’t become a political operative. I didn’t become an inspirational writer. I could write a little story about some fictitious multiple personalities trying to sort out what went “wrong” and fashion a miracle that will never come.

Or I can take a look at what I have accomplished. What I still can do. What needs to be done in the face of a very real spectre of regression and injustice.

And look forward with a bit of optimism. A bit of energy.




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