In January of 2013, a kid named Phil finally left his college town of Blacksburg, Virginia to try his luck as a professional in the Washington, DC area.

Nearly 25, Phil was seeking to put the start of a quarter-life crisis behind him, after surviving some strange occurrences at the end of 2012. As fate would have it, Phil’s new role as an intern in the United States Senate brought him face to face with some of the most stressful uncertainty about himself and society he’d ever confronted in his life. The ensuing battles led to a disintegration of one of Phil’s personas and his re-emergence into a Kafkaesque nocturnal lifestyle, in which he is trying to come to grips with suburbia and the middle class.

Phil’s primary hobby is tweeting with his friends, which include a core group of Blacksburg-area tweeters and disparate cliques he meets online.

When we last left Phil, he was split into several personalities.

One of his selves has been trying to destroy a gigantic skyscraper belonging to the evil corporation that has been interfering with his life since his predecessors’ arrival to DC. In the process of his infiltration, this Phil was gravely injured and sent to a mechanical reconstruction effort.

Another Phil, sick of altering his life around a job that keeps him awake through the night, finally entered negotiations to be brought onto the dayside staff. But at what cost?

This is a blog about what happened after Phil gave up on both these stories.


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