Sure. Why not?

This is Phil – the Pill – updating from one of the meeting rooms at the office. (It’s weird, it’s “the office” when it’s the whole part of the building your company owns, but it’s never “my office.” “My office” would imply I have my own personal space to make these calls or whatever, but … More Sure. Why not?

Okay. So what the hell happened? We can start at the part where I deactivated my first Facebook under the ludicrous pretense that I would meet face-to-face with most of the friends who mattered to me. Nah. We can start at the part where I finally decided I needed to leave Blacksburg, Virginia in order … More

This is my worst fear, come to think of it. There are multiples, you know Those I’m about to face As I submit myself to the cold scrutinization Of a pulsing, merciless scanner And then there are multiples That we choose I can live in the dark. But I can’t write in the dark. And … More